– Microsoft365 with Office Apps | Microsoft 365/setup – Microsoft365 with Office Apps | Microsoft 365/setup is an official portal to activate and start your Microsoft 365 product including office apps, cloud services and other collaboration services. You’ll need to Sign In and enter Microsoft 365 product key.

microsoft365-setupGet to know how you can activate and install your Microsoft 365 setup smoothly. See and follow the below instructions.

Getting Started With Microsoft Office 365 – setup

  1. Go to or
  2. Set up your Microsoft account.
  3. Sign in to Microsoft 365/setup.
  4. Enter the 25 characters product key.
  5. Redeem the Microsoft office 365 code.
  6. Proceed for Microsoft office download and run the setup.
  7. Activate the program and get started.

How do you set up a new account for Microsoft365?

A Microsoft account is necessary to activate your product. If you don’t have one, create one with the below steps:-


  1. Open url or access

If you wish to create a home & school account, then visit

  1. Click on the “Create new account” or “Create One” tab/link.
  2. Enter outlook mail, phone number, or Skype email.
  3. Make sure you create a strong password for your Microsoft 365 login.
  4. Authenticate account details.

Follow the instructions to finish the Microsoft365 account setup process.

How to download Microsoft 365 from 

Before you start Microsoft 365 download, ensure you follow below:-

Essentials for setup –

  • Account for Microsoft 365 login
  • A Microsoft365 subscription with a product key.
  • Minimum 4 GB/10 GB of hard disk space for Windows/mac.

Microsoft 365 Download Process Using Product Key –  

  1. The download steps via Microsoft 365/setup will take a few minutes.
  2. First of all, go through the site.
  3. Sign In here.
  4. If you see the product key box, type the 25 digits code and submit.
  5. If you don’t see the Microsoft365 code box, your key is redeemed already.
  6. Select your country and language.
  7. Ensure your Microsoft 365 product is showing on the installation screen.
  8. Now click Install.
  9. Wait for Microsoft office 365 to be downloaded and run the software when completed.

How do I install Microsoft 365 setup?

Microsoft365 Installation on Windows –

  1. If you just downloaded the office 365 setup from, navigate to downloads.
  2. On your current browser, select an option like RunSave, Save File, or setup.
  3. A prompt appears on your installation screen, click Yes. With this, you’ll allow the microsoft365 to make changes to your Windows.
  4. The installation of the Microsoft 365 setup starts automatically.
  5. Wait until you see the “Office is installed now” phrase.
  6. Sign in to the MS office 365 software to activate it.
  7. You can start using the Microsoft Office program now.

Microsoft 365 for Mac –

  1. Download Microsoft office 365 from or Microsoft account on your Mac device.
  2. Double-click on installer.pkg of office 365 setup.
  3. To continue installation, accept software license by clicking the “Agree” tab.
  4. Browse installation location and click “Install.”
  5. You’ll need to provide your Mac login password.
  6. Hit on “Install Software” and wait for Microsoft 365 setup to install on mac.
  7. Enter a key or sign in with Microsoft account to activate this software.
  8. Finish the Mac installation of the Microsoft Office 365 program.
  9. Click “Get started” to use Office apps on mac.

These instructions are applicable for Microsoft 365, Office apps, office 2019, and office 2016 on PC and Mac.